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About Us


Maria Enterprise BD is equipped with an internal mechanical able to conceive and develop new equipment and machinery to suit the specific needs, improving and customizing existing technologies.

The product is designed by management of our Technical Department in collaboration with customers suggests an existing product, or studies and designs the most suitable product to better respond to the type of application and / or operating condition.

Our Values

Its been 25 Years Plus, Maria Enterprise BD Import Industrial Roller Chain as well as focus new innovation with Japanese Technology

Industrial Roller Chain, We used best material for making this. Generally most important part is TEMPER, We always take care about it.

Innovative design, Japanese’s Technology, Available Products with High Quality Temper, We have 50+ District Customers, Quick Delivery, Courier Possible in whole world.

Any Business most important part is Reliability. We Got huge response form our Clients about it. We are try our best to provide more support to our Clients.

Our company is selling Industrial Roller Chain in the last 25 years. We provide best technical and technological service. We try to deliver your orders in the shortest amount of time. Our company philosophy is to follow strict quality norms and value customers needs.

Who we are

All kinds of Jute, Textile, Tobacco, Sugar Mills, Cement, Ceramics, Medicine and Food Grade Roller Chain, Conveyor Chain, P.I.V Chain, Industrial Roller Chain etc Importer, Whole Seller and Retailer [PULTON ROLLER CHAIN] – Maria Enterprise BD

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Call:  01939-750457 | 01711-931659 | 029512129
Email:  mariaenterprise89@yahoo.com
Visit: 90 Nawabpur Road, (Nawabpur Machineries Market), Dhaka – 1100

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